Sasha Tipi

Sasha Tipi is a creative host with a modern view on celebration. He is universal and diverse; his colossal improvisational skills are complemented by his intelligent humor. His first experience as a host took place during his student years and he has engaged in this activity professionally since 2010. As a student, Sasha participated in KVN (comedy shows) and practiced dancing, which enhances his skills as a host. He worked as an art director for two clubs as well as for a restaurant. He has acted in commercials and full-length films.

He has repeatedly participated in All-Ukrainian wedding forums and exhibitions, as well as television shows “Four Weddings” and “So You Think You Can Dance”.

Sasha Tipi hosts events of all kinds – from street festivals to weddings as well as diplomatic receptions in different venues all over Ukraine and abroad. He is constantly engaged in self-improvement and is fluent in three languages. At the moment he is additionally involved in StandUp comedy and improvisation shows.

He believes that an ideal celebration should be planned and thought out in great detail and carried out in a natural and harmonious manner.

See you at your celebration!

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Service Packages


  • 7 hours event
  • Script writing
  • 2 meeting with a couple
  • Selection of entertainment program


  • Carrying out ceremonies (if it passes on the same day)
  • DJ job
  • Equipment (sound / light)
  • All that is in the package "Cool"

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  • More sound
  • More light
  • Holiday coordination
  • All that is in the package "Best"



Phone: +38 (050) 561-49-86